The Evolution in Web design

If you’re interested in design, here are a few trends to watch out for next year:

  1. Movement based interfaces will probably become a staple on the web. Perhaps when combined with libraries such as tracking.js, interfaces that respond to hand movements could be closer than we think.
  2. Bolder and larger typography is likely to become more prevalent.
  3. People often want engaging and compelling ways to get their information quickly. This will likely elicit a rise in the use of videos and other storytelling visuals.

The web is an interesting place, where nothing stands still for too long. Information is always changing and the methods we use to deal with that information will always evolve along with it.

2017 is likely to bring some very interesting developments in web technologies, and I, for one, am looking forward to seeing what it holds in store for us!

1. From NLP to NLU: one of the main point that Facebook uses to promote Chatbot was that Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology was good enough to understand all kind of user request. However, if you have interacted with a chatbot you know, it´s far from true.
Hence there is a new trend to evolve from NLP to NLU Natural Language Understanding. Many tech companies are throwing lots of money and resources to develop hard techs like reinforcement learning, AI negotiations capabilities to allow machines have a better understanding of user messages.

2. Voice Interface is hot: there is a lot of criticism about how Chatbot adds more taps and friction than conventional UI; consequently, it´s not convenient for users.
Furthermore, with the proliferation of Smart Speakers like Amazon Echo, Google Home, Apple Homepod the use of voice is starting to become a standard.

3. Conversational Interface (CI): as companies realize that NLP has still a long way to go, there is a new approach to solving the problems from UX perspective. Instead of relying only on natural language interaction, with CI we can have a richer and more dynamic user experience.
In this category, the best example would be the bot platform of Slack, where they are betting big on UI elements like images, interactive buttons, and message menus.


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